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SISGAIN is an all inclusive perceived organization rendering best restorative programming answers for medicinal services frameworks. The designers' at organization are giving versatile medicinal services applications like telemedicine, EMR, increased reality, assistive innovation, and other therapeutic related programming. The arrangements given by our Company are tweaked according to customers needs in light of the fact that every social insurance has diverse necessities. We have conveyed numerous adaptable ventures and astounding applications to many rumored customers in this industry.
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Custom Telehealth Solutions

Points to keep in mind for Custom Telehealth solutions


Today people are using smart phones and mobile devices to obtain medical services called telehealth. These medicals services have become a crucial part in the lives of people who do not have access to healthcare services. If we talk about benefits, there are many. Reduced healthcare cost, traveling cost, easy access and many more. Custom telehealth solutions enable healthcare providers to deliver the best services to their patients. It is very cost effective solutions to the customers to avail healthcare services.


The need for custom telehealth

Physicians: In the current scenarios. Video calls with the patients are preferred over personal visits. The physician has need of custom telehealth software to increase their customer base and reach more customers. The clinician can offer better and services with the flexible timings.

Medical practice:  The medical practice enterprises are using customized telehealth to get ahead with the other healthcare systems. The HIPAA compliant telehealth systems is effective to reach more patients at various locations

Primary care clinics: It is seen that the medical clinics find it difficult the process of following up with the patients and updating the records and data of patients. This customized software facilitates the system to automate the tasks and provide appropriate services as per its needs.


Factors affecting custom telehealth system

User experience:  it is the necessary element, the system must be user-friendly. It is required by the developers to understand the UX from the user's point of view and understand their perspective. It should persuade the users to switch the existing system they are adopting. There should be easy workflows with a familiar approach.  The UI should be both desktop and mobile friendly. The user interface should be easy and quick to adapt.

Data security: the health records of patients are shared on telehealth platforms. It is the first and foremost responsibility of the telehealth providers to secure the patient health information. The telehealth software should be in compliance with HIPAA and make sure that it secures the patient's information and all patient data. Another risk is theft of data on a cloud of the healthcare system. Strong data encryption and 2 step verification of patient data are used to keep the patient health information safe.

Accessibility: It is an important issue for the providers. There many accessibility factors like, if the application is mobile friendly and fit to screen, is there any interpreter for aiding the hearing impaired patients while the video calls. The developing team needs to consult and work with the medical experts to take consultation.     

Big data: It is important that the telehealth is able to support the pools patient data inflow. According to a study, 80% of the data come in the unstructured format and it is up to telehealth systems to use it for the patient's benefit and draw useful results.


SISGAIN is an eminent healthcare software and application development company providing healthcare application to customers all over the world. The developers at the company are using the latest technology to develop customized applications as per the current industry needs and customers requirements. All the telehealth apps developed at the company are in compliance by the HIPAA regulations.